History and Reputation

Few firms have client relationships that span over 50 years. We do. We are proud of our roots, and we value the multi-generational nature of our practice and our client base.

Our long history of expertise, professionalism and commitment to excellence has cultivated well-established, long-lasting relationships, both with our clients and with the industry resources needed to add value to our clients.


Client Experience

The needs of our clients motivate our actions. Our hands-on and value-added approach to client relationships creates a high level of satisfaction and allows us to create tailored solutions that result in better outcomes.

Each Lau & Lau team member is committed to serving our clients with enthusiasm and professionalism. We strive to be responsive and proactive and to bring exceptional value to all client relationships.



The desire to produce the best custom solutions demands knowledge of and freedom to explore the financial marketplace for the best match between the client’s objectives and the products and services available. Our experience in the financial services industry has allowed us to develop strong expertise and a network of proven resources while maintaining the autonomy necessary to help ensure we can always act in the best interest of our clients.