Stewardship (def): responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserved

It starts with comprehensive fact finding and a thorough understanding of each client:

  • Your Past Experiences with Money
  • What Keeps You Up at Night
  • Your Current Situation
  • Goals & Aspirations
  • Constraints

We ensure all parts of your financial life are integrated (asset management, estate planning, risk management etc..) to help you see how one decision may impact other parts of your life. Family governance decisions should be made with the big (complete) picture in mind.

Meeting Process

Lau & Lau are currently only meeting with direct referrals to our firm from existing clients

First Meeting

Getting to know Each Other

60-minute in person, phone or video call

  • Your perspectives & experience with money
  • Your values, goals and constraints
  • Your current life circumstances
  • The Lau & Lau difference
  • Lay out next steps

Second Meeting

Fact Finding for the Financial Plan

90-minute in person, phone or video call

  • Collect your financial information/data
  • Examine data for completeness & accuracy
  • Review goals, values & constraints
  • Begin organizing your financial picture using a collaborative approach

Third Meeting

Plan Delivery & Implementation

60-minute in person, phone or video call

  • Present plan findings
  • Discuss expected & potential outcomes
  • Review recommended action items
  • Execute plan & investment portfolio
  • Identify any advanced planning needs
  • Schedule first review